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Roger Smith Series 2, Edition 3, White Gold


The Hong Kong Watch Auction: THREE, Lot 1092

Roger W Smith was born in Bolton, England in 1970 and upon reaching the age of 16 his father suggested enrolling on a course at the local Manchester School of Horology. Subsequently, he passed out top of his class, winning the British Horological Institute's Bronze medal awarded for the highest overall mark of the year. During his time on the course, one of the 'guest visits' was in 1987 by Dr. George Daniels where he showed his iconic Space Traveller pocket-watch. And in Rogers words "Suddenly, my life’s purpose was crystal clear - though its path was less defined".

He then embarked on a seven-year quest to master 'The Daniels Method' learning all 32 trades of the British watchmaker to become worthy of collaborating with the great master himself.

It was in 1997 that Roger visited Dr. George Daniels with a pocket watch that he had created entirely by following instructions from Daniels’ book ‘Watchmaking’, and for the first time, George found a student of high enough promise to take on as an apprentice. It would be one that led to a great friendship and partnership and we would be bold to say a legacy was formed.

Dr. Daniels asked Roger to assist him with production of a new series of wristwatches, called 'The Millennium' series. Launched in 1998 to celebrate the acceptance of the Daniels Co-axial escapement by the Swiss watch industry, Daniels and Smith worked together for over three years creating the Millennium series and, following the huge success, Roger finally opened his own studio making watches under his own name, R.W.Smith.

This Series 2, Edition 3 No.3 here is and exceptionally rare watch but its genesis was, somewhat ironically, an attempt to produce a watch in higher numbers. In 2010 Roger decided to explore the idea of producing Edition 1, 2 and 3 versions of his Series 2 watch. The plan was to produce 30 watches of each edition, offering yellow gold, red gold and white gold finishes such as this one, each with a standard dial. This standardization would allow them to remain uncompromising in using the Daniels Method of handcrafting the watches, while at the same time enabling them to produce several more watches.

Only 5 of these white gold Series 2 Edition 3 pieces were ever made and, once they introduced their later 40 mm. cases, any notion of this model ever being made again was consigned to history.

With a production of approximately 10 watches per year produced by Roger Smith and a current waiting list, this is a rare opportunity for the passionate collector to own and enjoy wearing a truly hand made masterpiece.

The dedication to the artistry of watchmaking and the fine details and skills that go into producing a watch like this can be seen clearly. The beautiful gilded and frosted plates of the movement, with the Co-axial escapement with raised barrel bridge to the hand engraved lettering and numbers. Housed within an 18k white gold 38 mm. case with a true balance and sense of proportion.

Each case hand engraved and acting as a frame to the solid silver engine turned dial with Up and Down indication. The watch is finished with silver and blued steel hands.

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